Denomination of origin

D.O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora

Tasting Note

Wine that expresses itself in a very lively and fresh way on the nose, with fruity, balsamic and floral aromas. Very complex because of its varietal diversity. In mouth it is voluminous and fun at the same time, with a very faithful reflection of its aromatic expression.

Food Pairing

White and red meats, stews, legumes, risotto type rice dishes, semi-cured and cured cheese such as manchego, zamorano, cured ham, salami, mushrooms, black pudding.


Year of fundation:: 2004
Wineyards:: Viñas de Cenit trives on vineyard exclusively located in the municipalities of Villanueva de Campeán and Cabañas de Sayago, within the scope of the D.O. Tierra del Vino.
Altitude:: 750 m
Average production:: Old vineyards:3.000 kg/ha; Young vineyards: 5.000 kg/ha
Average annual production:: 200.000 bottles
Age of the vineyard:: Old vineyards: Pre-phylioxera over 120 years of age; Young vineyards: 20-30 years of age
Average rainfall:: 400 mm
Ageing:: Ageing is exclusively carried out in French oak barrels from different cooperages.