Denomination of origin

D.O. Tierra de Vino de Zamora

Tasting Note

Cénit GDLL Viñas Viejas is defined as a structured wine that shows how this variety expresses itself in a warm zone. However, it has freshness and acidity that allow a very godd aging capacity.

Food Pairing

White meats, vegetables au gratin, sausages, pasta, rice, mushrooms, smoked meats, soups, creams, charcuterie, poultry, omelets, peppers...


Year of fundation:: 2004
Wineyards:: Viñas de Cenit trives on vineyard exclusively located in the municipalities of Villanueva de Campeán and Cabañas de Sayago, within the scope of the D.O. Tierra del Vino.
Altitude:: 750 m
Average production:: Old vineyards:3.000 kg/ha; Young vineyards: 5.000 kg/ha
Average annual production:: 200.000 bottles
Age of the vineyard:: Old vineyards: Pre-phylioxera over 120 years of age; Young vineyards: 20-30 years of age
Average rainfall:: 400 mm
Ageing:: Ageing is exclusively carried out in French oak barrels from different cooperages.