The power of Toro and the elegance of Ribera del Duero

In the millenary region of Tierra del Vino de Zamora, enriched by the pass of pilgrims through the Vía de la Plata for several years, Bodegas Viñas del Cenit acquires its meaning through some of the most unique centenary vineyards in Spain. Viñas del Cenit is born in 2006 with the intention of upkeeping the invaluable wine heritage in the area and making unforgettable wines.

From its source in the cold province of Soria, River Duero passes through landscapes full of vineyards on both sides of its course, giving full meaning to regions like La Ribera del Duero, Rueda or Toro, and it reaches Tierra del Vino de Zamora before changing its name as it enters the neighbouring country Portugal. The Vía de la Plata has been a decisive factor for the area, and it has been exposed a large influx of pilgrims that introduced different varieties of grape in the area. Over the years, this has resulted in a selection of the best clones and their best possible adaptation, obtaining a Tempranillo clone that is totally unique with a great personality.

The region in Zamora called Tierra de Vino has been engaged in the production of wine since the 11th century, according to the oldest text found. Historically, the area’s economy was fully based on the production of wine and eau de vie. This winemaking tradition and the love of the area’s population for vineyards has resulted in the preservation of vineyards with over 150 years of age, particularly in the area in which the bodega is located, in the village of Villanueva de Campeán.

Great wines are built here with a special balance between power and the area’s character thanks to these unique vineyards and the love professed by the people who take care of them throughout their entire cycle. These wines have a marvellous acidity that provide them with finesse, elegance and the capacity to live and evolve in the bottle for years.