A journey to the origins of Tierra del Vino

In the millenary region of Tierra del Vino de Zamora, enriched by the pass of pilgrims through the Vía de la Plata for several years, Bodegas Viñas del Cenit acquires its meaning through some of the most unique centenary vineyards in Spain. Viñas del Cenit is born in 2004 with the intention of upkeeping the invaluable wine heritage in the area and making unforgettable wines.

In 2007, Viñas del Cenit joined what is now Terraselecta, a company that, at that time, was beginning its journey in search of unique vineyards that showcased the personality of different Spanish wine regions.

The winery initially focuses on making wines with the Tempranillo variety. It is the majority grape in the area, as in the rest of Spain, and its hegemony meant that other native varieties or the production of white wines were left aside in many territories.

In 2019, José Manuel Benéitez joint the winery as winemaker. He comes from working in Arribes, an area where the production of multivarietal wines is one of his hallmarks. José Manuel joins Viñas del Cénit, attracted by an old vineyard that he knows well. He maintains the idea that the Tempranillos being produced in the winery only tell a part of Tierra del vino’s identity and that in the vineyard, there are genuine treasures that need to be highlighted. One example is the white varieties, one of the great forgotten grapes in the area.

It is the beginning of a journey to embrace the diversity of old vines, providing a more complete reflection of the identity of a unique terroir through its wines. In 2020, the winery’s first white wine, Cénit Blanco, was realeased; and in 2023 the Field Blend collection came out, showing the diversity of the old vineyards of Tierra del Vino de Zamora.